Patient Monitor
ECG machine
Syringe&infusion Pump
Pulse oximeter
CO2 module
Fetal mointor/doppler
Chemistry Analyzer
AM-701 TCI syringe pump
AM-701  TCI syringe pump

1.Multiple operation modes: flower rate controlled infusion mode, plasma

TCI(target controlled infusion)mode, effect site TCI mode, weight mode, bolus.

2. Available drugspropofol, remifentanil,fentanyl, sufentanil ,midazolam ,

etomidate, rocuronium, vecuronium ,atracurium

3.graphic display shows the trajectory of the plasma and effect site drug

concentration and other data over time.

4. Automatic drug compensation function for the infusion: when the syringe is

replaced, it maintains the concentration required for clinic.

5. Advanced intelligence can forecast the recovery time.

6. RS-232 communication enable the history data to be transmitted from pump to


7.Data storage

8.Multiple choice for drug administration ,free from the artificial conversion:

ml/h,mg/h,ug/h,mg/kg/h,ug/kg/h,mg/kg/min,ug/kg/min,ml/min,mg /min and

ug /min,which is used for all clinics.

9.Preset volume ensure the infusion safety and simply.

10.Bolus, which delivered dose at the maximum rate, ensures the safety of insurance injection.

11. Purge, which evacuate the air in the syringe rapidly before infusion, ensure the

safety of insurance injection

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