Patient Monitor
ECG machine
Syringe&infusion Pump
Pulse oximeter
CO2 module
Fetal mointor/doppler
Chemistry Analyzer
Newborn Hearing screener
AM-60 Sidestream CO2 sensor(intenal)
AM-60  Sidestream CO2 sensor(intenal)

State-of-the-art Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, dual wavelength, no moving parts

Breath-by-breath CO2 monitoring

Sample rate low to 50 mL/min

Barometer pressure and temperature compensation

Range calibration in 0 - 15% by manufacturer

Fast warmup time ensures full accuracy within 5 minutes

Oxygen, N2O and anesthetic compensation for accurate measurement

Low power consumption less than 1.5W

Fully compatible with Respronics Loflo sensor and CPT module

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